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Restore My Credit are your expert credit mediators. We are specialists in debt negotiation with all creditors and in the repair and improvement of personal and commercial credit files.  

We assist our clients with the removal of adverse listings on their credit files, and we assist in debt negotiation services for clients with debt levels that are causing them issues in obtaining finance or experiencing financial hardship. We can negotiate both secured and unsecured debts, depending on the circumstances, to reduce debt stress.

Our highly trained, experienced experts have a high success rate in dealing with all creditors including ATO matters, advocating for the client across all stages. The Restore My Credit team possess a comprehensive understanding of relevant legislations and a detailed knowledge of debt negotiation and credit mediation.

We offer a FREE NO OBLIGATION initial consultation and assessment and back up our service with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

We work with clients across Australia, call us today or complete our online enquiry form to arrange your free no obligation initial assessment.

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