At Restore My Credit we pride ourselves on offering our clients workable solutions to their current credit issues whether that be credit repair or debt negotiations. Please find below our product offering.


The Restore My Credit fee structure consists of two parts.

Our first fee is a fixed amount of $797 which covers the collation of information, client file establishment, research & assessment, creditor correspondence and creditor negotiations.

Our second fee is chargeable only on the successful removal of an infringement, such as defaults, court judgements and clear-outs.

Credit File

We can provide you with a copy of your current credit file within 1 business day. Your credit file contains financials, consumer credit information, commercial credit information, public record information and contact information. Contained within the consumer credit and commercial credit sections is a listing of current infringements including court judgements.

Debt Negotiation

If you are in a position whereby you are experiencing financial hardship or are struggling to pay your current debts, Restore My Credit can step in and negotiate with your creditors. Restore My Credit may be able to you reduce your payments, lower you interest rate or enter into an approved payment plan.

Defaults/Overdue Accounts

If you forget to pay, or were unable to pay a bill in excess of $150 and the bill becomes overdue, this information may be added to your file by the credit provider, this is referred to as a payment default. The default remains on the file for 5 years regardless of whether or not it is paid. Restore My Credit are specialists in negotiating with creditors & possess a comprehensive understanding of relevant legislations & a detailed knowledge of credit restoration.

Court Judgements/Court Writs

Court Judgements are the process associated with the collection of an outstanding debt through the legal system. Should you be in a position whereby proceedings have been lodged against you we can negotiate a settlement to have the judgement removed on your behalf.


Clear-outs are a serious credit infringement whereby a person or company was uncontactable at the time of the default listing. Clear-Outs can remain on your credit file for a period of 7 years. We are happy to commence negotiations of your behalf to remove any existing Clear-Outs.