Restore My Credit are specialists in the repair/improvement of personal and commercial credit ratings in Adelaide, and the subsequent restoration of credit files. We assist our clients remove the black mark against their name, giving them the freedom to reach their dreams whether that be the purchase of a new home, personal loan, car finance, property rental, credit card application or mobile phone.

Our highly trained, experienced consultants have a high success rate in dealing with external creditors, advocating for the client across all stages. Restore My Credit are specialists in negotiating with creditors and possess a comprehensive understanding of relevant legislations and a detailed knowledge of credit restoration.

At Restore My Credit we ensure that our processes are transparent and the client is informed throughout the entire process. We offer a free initial assessment and pride ourselves on our affordable fee structure. We have no hidden fees and a comprehensive list of our services including fee structure can be found on our services page.

Should you be struggling with you bills, recently lost you job, or recently separated and are unable to fulfil your obligations, we can negotiate your debts on your behalf prior to you incurring any defaults.

Should you already have a default listed we can still negotiate the debt and payment terms in order to successfully remove the default.*

We work with clients across Australia, Call us today or complete our online enquire form to arrange your free no obligation initial assessment.